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Located in Colorful Westport 
Downtown Kansas City Missouri

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  • Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

  • Sat: 10am - 2pm

  • Sun: Closed

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Hi! Its So Nice to 

Meet You, Im Stacie 

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I got my start in the field of cosmetology by working with a great group of stunt men where I was lucky enough to get to travel all over the country as a Squire! It was a HUGE part of my life and really speaks to who I am today. After years braiding horse hair and applying movie makeup, I decided I wanted the credit for the work I was already doing, deciding to attend cosmetology school in Colorado Springs! I'm on  a mission to to connect with people who want to look the same way they feel, letting everyone to see their true self reflected on the outside, in this case, via Your hair! 


I'm a multi-award winning stylist. The trend of entering and winning contests started in beauty school.

My first salon was "Aveda" where I flourished as the in-salon make up coach and getting so many great certifications thanks to their in-Salon Education programs.

In 2005  I moved Kansas City, completely changing up my way of life. It sure has been an adventure searching for my prefect salon! Along the way I have found a wonderful LARP (live action role play) where my skills of sewing and prop-making come into good use. 


When not in the salon I spend most my time making improvements on my home built in 1900 (so there is a lot of work to do). My special needs quadrupedal children keep me company. In the summer I'd Love To think that I'm a Gardner. Some times the plants agree, and every year you can find me working over at Planet Comicon with some names you'll recognize.


I'm also dyslexic. one of the best parts of being home schooled is that i could take my time in everything i did. And even with my dyslexia if i slowed down enough i still scored relatively high in grammar and English. Surprised? Ya. Most people are. After getting my diploma (at age 16) my mom was so afraid that people wouldn't accept it as real she insisted i get my GED as well. I told everyone at the time that i study.... i didn't. Really at all. I literally skimmed one prep book. And every test i took i passed with over 95%. Other then my math. I got a 91% (i was over confidant always having gotten A+ in math)

I don't say this to brag. I don't say it so you will feel sorry for me. It wasn't until i was around 25. Going through my first divorce selling my home and moving back from another state to live with a dear friend (who i often call my sister in law) after her husband passed that it was diagnosed. I'm dyslexic. My brain just sees things differently. I can tell a word is wrong. But i cant fix it. Like a half baked cake some one desided to ice and serve. You can see its just not right. But you cant just put it back in the oven at home and bake it with the icing on there. That's what words and letters are like to me. A half baked cake.

 Some people say labels are important. If I had to identify my self I would say I'm a Witch with Christian tendencies . I don't believe in organized religion but I think all faiths should be respected and I truly understand that no one should be forced into a box, no mater if that's gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Having grown up with the most wonderful hard working accepting Christian single mother, she was great at instilling a very deep understanding of how to communicate with people from all walks of life making everyone feel truly welcome and accepted! 


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