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Adulting is hard! – a Guide to not so common sense. Vol 1 -scalp issues

Something i know a lot about is hair. (And skin and nails because there all made of the same thing. Keratin) so vol1 is all about THE SCALP as a side bar I'm gonna do a live stream on twitch using my blogs as an outline. If you want to ask questions live come visit! And all of that will be condensed into smaller YouTube videos. So many people either over clean or under clean there hair/scalp. Or are using harsh things that are striping the natural oils. Causing damage. Fading color. Causing deeper issues like dry scalp and even hair loss. So lets start with that. The big one. Hair loss. No one wants to lose there hair. Back when i was first going to beauty school all the clients i met said oh both my grandfathers are bald I'm gonna lose my hair. So first off. Hair loss/male pattern baldness isn't as genetic as most people think. It comes from moms side of the family. So ignore what your dads and dads dads hair looks like next. Are you using shampoo and conditioner or…. Are you using a 2in1? Or even a 3in1. If your not using 2 sepreat bottles your damaging your scalp. You would use a striping agent of some nice hard weood and then leave it bare. You would use tide on your leather jacket or shoes or even just a soap and then not use pollish or a leather conditioner. Youll dry it out. It will crack. And also adsorbe anything that comes its way. No mater how good of bad it is. Even companys that make 3in1’s have daid in there education clsses that its not ment for long term use as a stand alone. So. 1 stop using just a 2in1!!! Use a sepreat conditoner!!! Now. As for over washing. Or using things that are just harsh and over cleaning your hair or damaging your scalp. (yes you can over clean your hair and scalp) Most of those grandpas either served in Nam. Or grew up in the depression. So what did they use on there heads? A bar of soap. And it’s highly likely that same bar was for getting swamp water out of there fatigues. (GROSE) now if it’s strong enough to get the mud and swamp water out of something that’s almost canvas do you think it’s good for the skin on your head? Or face? Or neck? Or other sensitive areas? No, it’s not. You wouldn’t use dish soap? Or laundry soap would you? (I hope the answer is no) this leads to one of 2 things. Either dry and some times flakey scalp (that many mistakes for dandruff) or hyper subation (oil) so. We as humans don’t actually make oil. Its sebum. And seeing as we are water bases the “oil” we make is actualy also water based. Your body will try and compensate. Also over the counter shampoos offten are just realy harsh clenzers that have “extra” had water added so think if you were gonna use dish soap and just desided well if i add enough water thats ok for my hair and scalp right? Again. The anwser is no. Please. Either do the reserch about the actualy ingreadants (and im more then happy to help) or buy profeshional products. And 99% of the time. Youll need to do both. You get what you pay for. Dandruff shampoos. Ok. Everyone says. I have dandruff i need to use this stuff. So few ppl have dandruff. So here's how you can tell. Are the flakes yellow? Waxy? Sticky? And have a bad smell? Thing almost like ear wax. That's dandruff! Any otc dandruff shampoo is built to do 2 things. 1- it gets deep down and exfoliates the skin. This is why it fixes it in the short term -dry scalp – psoriasis and dandruff. The issue is now you have this new pink skin that needs to be taken care of. There’s other ways to do this. And if you have actual dandruff I HIGHLY recommend going to a dr for this. Part 2 of an otc is the incredibly high zinc content. This serves to dry out the dandruff. Drs prescribe a serum to rub in over this. But if you have either of the other 2 conditions of being dry…. Well. You just re-dried that new skin. Or made your already dry skin more dry. So more flakes. Your scalp cant keep up. So please stop. If you have a mild dry scalp most tge time a tea tree shampoo and conditioner will help you. If you have serious psoriasis tea tear can help but there's liky a prescription needed to get it under control. There are also scalp treatments and products made for thinning hair that can help manage these things. And in same cases a simple bore hair bristle brush can fix all these dry issues. Stimulating the scalp and distributing your own natural oils down to the ends. Now lets talk about over washing. Its hard to stop. The easiest way is to ween off. So. As we talked about above. Were made of water. So instead of shampooing. Get in the hot water. And let it wash over your hair use your hands just like you normally would. As if you are shampooing. Do this every other time and don't use shampoo. So half your shampoos have become just water. The others are still shampoo and conditioner. So if you normally wash once a day. Your now washing every other day. Its going to be hard at first. Its going to feel Grose. Then somewhere between a week and a month from now. It will just feel normal. That's when its time to screech it out again. Personally id so the same. Now im washing my hair 2x a week. And wetting it 2x a week. And the other days i don't have to get it wet at all. If your hair feels dry its ok to condition it (just the ends if you didn't shampoo) and every time you shampoo use conditioner from root to tip. Amount to use? We over use soaps. There's a reason it says lather rinse repeat. And you can apply this to any type of soap. Dishes. Spot cleaning your carpet. Clothing. EVERYTHING! Start with a little. If it feels like. Its not spreading or it’s dry. Add water. If you get suds. It’s clean!!!!! (Unless its 100% surfactant-free but that’s a whole other blog) suds means its clean. If you don't get suds rinse it out. And shampoo again! More isnt more. Less is more. Also you'll save so much money if your using the right amount. Lets face it. You get what you pay for. And the products i use aren't cheap. But i am so i don't wanna have to buy my shampoo more then 2 times a year. Its about $30 and its 8 ounces. So you better bet that I'm using all the steps above my conditioner i have to buy about 4 times a year. My hair is getting long so i end up using more. But you will 100% use more conditioner if your hair is ruffed up or damaged or dirty. I don’t think I would have this much to say in my first post. And we haven’t even started talking about the cuticle or structure of your hair and skin. Looks like. I may be posting a second blog this month I’m hoping to see you all again soon. Please feel free to send me your thoughts and questions. Im is new at this whole blog thing. I’m better at the Instagram thing.

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