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Thank you for booking your appointment I'm truly excited to meet you in person !





Kansas City's Hair Witch!

Together, we are about to make your hair dreams come true! If you haven't checked out my "about me" page and want to get to know more about me, feel free to at any time. 

You'll find my laid back atmosphere relaxing and inviting. My salon space is truly a world away from all your current problems and a great way to get away from it all. So you may be wondering what happens next? 

Pre Visit

You'll receive an E-mail Confirmation at booking. E-mail reminder 48 hours before AND a Text Reminder 24 Hours before each visit!

Need to cancel or reschedule? see our 


 Have a question? You can reach me anytime at ForeverYoungCosmetology

Or By Texting the Salon

 (816) 514-2109

and I will respond within

24 hours

Be My Guest

We will take our time navigating your first visit!

Exploring your last 5 years of hair history

(no judgment. no lectures.)

and figuring out our plan moving forward! 

This will ensure you get exactly what you want this visit. And ensure you get what you need each visit  after without keeping you in my chair longer than you need to be.


I’m a super nerd when it comes to most things Pop Culture (like Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones) I also Love trying new things, 

so don't be surprised if I have a new trendy type of drink for you to try and the latest movie trailer for you to watch while you process 

PARKING can be tricky some times seeing as we are down town in Westport. But, there is almost always parking available on the street on both sides of Baltimore 

with 2 hour parking available on the south side of the intersection

I accept all major credit cards and in a pinch- Cash will be accepted but credit is the preferred method of payment. 

On Your first visit please follow our covid-19 procedures 

Covid-19 Policies

Click Here

Between Visits

I pride myself educating you on how to care for your new look!

You'll receive take home info literature on how to best maintain your hair until I see you again,

via a maintenance program card!

 My salon loyalty program

My referral program 

Salon menu with prices 


In the mean time Keep an Eye on your inbox for specials, tips, or blog posts to learn the latest trend or just to stay in touch! 

Care Of Your Magical Hair

Weather you have magical or muggle colors in your hair

  • Avoid chlorine and salt water swimming if you must swim wear a cap. if you don't have a cap soak your hair in clean water prior to swimming

  • Avoid Tea Tree & anything that says for dandruff for shampoo

  • do not wash for 48 hrs after you have had your hair colored.

  • dont wash more then 1-2 times a week

  • ALWAYS use a thermal protectant when heat styling

  • cooler water to wash and rince your hair then you use on your body.

  • dont scrub hair or use your nails to wash.

  • Do use recommended shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatments, dry shampoo


Maintenance Timing

Magical Color


Hair Cut to Gain Length

12 weeks

Creative Color


Hair Cut to Maintain Shape & Style

All Over Color

Hair Cut to Maintain Length

6-8 weeks

4-6 weeks

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